10 comments on “Red lines v2

  1. This theme is great, but I could not finish installation of Default Icons Editon in my Nokia E71. It always shows the screen “Update error!” at the end of installation period. I tried installation files from hosts Easy-Share, FileFactory and DepositFiles but got the same result. Pls help fix RedLines V2DI.

  2. I have the same error with RedLines V1 DI. Do you mean I must uninstall Changed Icons version before inserting DI version?

  3. OK, thanks. I removed the CI version and now the DI version works. This error happens to RedLines v1 & v2 only 😦 Other themes such as Porsche, RedDots or BlueDots can be put with both CI & DI versions 😀

  4. The highlighter is still missing in some applications. When I update KMS (Kaspersky Mobile Security) 7.0 in my E71, I do not see the highlighter choosing the access point for update connection. Pls fix it soon!

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