6 comments on “Elegante v2

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  2. Hi, beautiful theme with new icons pack, congratulations!
    I ask you a big favor, you may update the pack with these icons icons:
    Swiss Mgr Pro 20035d95
    RamBlow Pro 200307lc
    MobiXplorer 2002dl00
    Handy Wi 20008o7e
    SPB Time 20028b25
    BTS Witcher e4342027
    Pocket Sensor 2002dc4a
    Unistall King 2003097c
    X-Clear fe2803l3
    Auto Hello 20003277
    Gmail launcher 2000dcc8
    SC 20002a77
    ALCinfo ebc4b4d8
    Loud Speaker 20012508
    NoteIt 200389aa
    Think Flash 2003d37a
    Slide Answer 20035afl
    Moove 20028c7l
    Rompatcher+ e0050cl0
    Camera FX 200389a6
    Speedy Go a000a5bf
    FS Msg 2001ae68
    MTranslate 2000dcc6
    Voice Inbox 20000l3e
    Reebot 2000b9al
    FontZoomer 200307ac
    SlideIT Full 2002cf87
    SPB Wallet 2001fb63
    Slide Unlock 20028b06
    Guardian 200131cc

    Thanks friend

  3. Hi, I have personally downloaded Elegant v2 Nokia Store but not the update with new icons. It ‘s always the previous version. How can I get one with the icons that I requested? Thanks

  4. Well Bro, sorry for delay its just depends on OVI, it takes abit of time to go through they quality check, plz wait ….. and they will publish updated version

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