Welcome you all, I hope you are enjoying being here as my guests. Plaese do not hesitate to leave any kind of comment,feedbacks or suggestions. If you want to have a link exchange aka blogrol adding please contact me s60adelino@gmail.com thanks for attention!!

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8 comments on “About

  1. Hi Adelino,

    I like your themes especially the latest Need for Speed ones.

    I have published some of your themes in my blog along with my theme collection.

    I was thinking about a link exchange between our blogs.



  2. congratulation 4 the themes ….i fan of yours themes …. u can make me please a as roma theme = acm(milan) theme please………

  3. Please check your mail. You have some screenshots for your themes. Excellent man, Thank you.

  4. Hi, I have bought some beautiful themes from Adelino, but I have problems to run the gema icon pack in my nokia N8. Could anybody help me with a suggestion, please? maybe Im doing something wrong with the applications…. I don´t know… thanks a lot. Andrea.

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